We’re going to be Olympians!

Not that kind. My athletic abilities are limited.  We are moving to Olympia, WA, and will be in our new home on Jan. 1. We’ve been warned us it rains a lot there, but after eight years in Hilo we just laugh. Ever since we landed in Idaho as a temporary base from which to…

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We moved!

“Aloha” Means Hello and Goodbye Three weeks ago, after months of juggling logistics, making endless decisions, and cramming as much essential stuff as we could into two shipping crates, my husband and I eased two nervous kitties into their travel carriers and said “aloha/goodbye” to Hawaii. If you’d asked us a year ago if we…

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I’m teaching on Udemy (and you can enroll for only $9!)


Have you discovered Udemy.com yet? It’s the hottest online-learning platform around, and I’m pleased and proud to now be a Udemy instructor. My first course, Clutter Clearing & the Law of Attraction, has just launched as a slightly streamlined version of the Law of Attraction program offered on this site. The Udemy version contains more…

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Feng Shui Q+A: The Romance BaGua

Feng Shui - Romance Bagua

Today we have a question from “Nicole” (not her real name), who says: “One area of my life that is seriously lacking is a social life. Specifically, dating. I have decluttered my love corner, but is there another area that affects love that would need attention?” In feng shui, there is an area of the…

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LoA Q+A: Finding True Love

Law of Attraction - Finding True Love

Roberta (not her real name) has written, “Will I ever find true love?” I am not a psychic or clairvoyant, I’m not a fortune teller, I can’t tell you for sure if you will ever find true love, but I can tell you for sure that it’s possible for you to find true love and…

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She’s attracting negativity

Law of Attraction - Attracting Negativity

Fiona writes: “For some reason, lately I’ve been attracting negativity into my life. I need that to stop. I want to learn how to attract success and positivity.” The first thing I want to say, Fiona, is that I am extending you my sympathy. It can be so hard to maintain feelings of positivity when…

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